Velos Rides for Sunday 22nd June 2014

The forecast is fantastic as are the routes we have on offer for this Sunday. Once again, our Routemaster General, Dave “The Hill” Howe has put them together. We are a little concerned that he is mellowing recently as these are positively flat. This probably is only a temporary thing though so please, grab them while you can.

First up is a great route on some new roads for us. It is 62 miles in length and really is just about a flat a route you can get for that distance (round here at least). We start at 9am for this one which Dave will be leading, and 10am for the other two – a 40  mile adventure (which links up with the longer ride towards the end) and a 30 miler. Now, if any of your are sitting there thinking, flipping heck, these are really long – just stop for a second and have a moment to consider what our own Martin Sisley is doing right now. Add the fact that the weather is great at the moment and you have the perfect recipe for getting out there on your bike.

9am start 62 mile route

10am start 40 mile route

10am start 30 mile route


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