Velos Ride for Sunday 12th May

A tale of two Daves

While I am afraid that this post doesn’t have the eloquence and wordiness of my partners in crime, I can at least entertain you with news of a new main route for our enjoyment this Sunday. Route-mapper extraordinaire¬†Dave “Hardly any hills, honest” Howe has come up with another corker that takes us over to sunny Redbourn. Jose has kindly agreed to lead out the 13 mph group on this ride. For anyone who wants a faster pace, there will be a “bat out of hell” group that follows the same route.

A special word of caution for this route – there is a bit at the end of a dead end road a (around the 13.5 mile mark) where we have to get off the bike to cross a pavement. It is so that we can get across the A5183 safely so don’t be too concerned if your presented with a No Through Road just after riding through Redbourn.

Main Group Route : 28 miles

Another piece of good news this week is that Dave “cycling tutor to the stars” Bembridge has planned a shorter ride for the more sensibly paced amongst us. The length will be 25 miles but there is a sneaky short cut built in for those who just want to do 20. The route isn’t ready for publishing yet, but Dave assures us that it is relatively flat and he will be leading it out. Our normal motto applies – no rider will be left behind so please feel free to join us no matter what your ability.

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