Velos ride for Sunday 13th May 2012

Apologies for the late posting – we here at Velos Towers were distracted today by the appearance of a strange round yellow object in the sky. We are still not quite sure what it is but we hope it hangs around long enough for the ride tomorrow as it does appear to be keeping the rain away.

We do have an announcement to make about our webmaster John regarding navigation. We are officially banning him from making any suggestions as to which direction is the right way when presented with a junction. This is as a direct result of him sending the rear pack of riders last week on a merry dance that involved a visit to Dunstable and Bison hill – both which weren’t on the map. So if you do hear him suggest a direction to go, simply take the opposite route confident that you are ‘going the right way’. As a precaution, we suggest that all riders print out the map so they can get back home if they have ignored the warnings and ended up following John ‘off piste’.

And so, on to this week. As always, please gather from 9:45am at the Rose and Crown Ivinghoe. Members who want to add a few extra miles before the main event are welcome to meet at Pitstone Roundabout at 9am.

Long Route 

Short Route

P.S. We are always interested in new routes so please do send them in to us if you have crafted something different from the 10 or so regular rides we recycle each week.

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