A classic line from a classic queen track. If we are to believe research then apparently the preferred musical choice of those doing domestic chores is Queens greatest hits. This has got me thinking of my favourite cycling inspired songs, so here today I bring you my top 5. It would have been ten but I don’t have all day to write this nonsense. I would also like to add that I have done no research on this subject.

So pop pickers get your fluff Freeman head on, heres the top five.

At number 5 its The Doors with Riders on The Storm. Who’d have thought that the Lizard Kings’ classic would have been inspired by cycling? After all young Jim had an appetite for drugs that is similar to an elephants need for vegetation. But as Dave Howe can testify, and as we’ve all witnessed, once you’ve done one high your in need of the next. Well when Jim was finished with his illegal highs he, like Dave, would slip his leather pants on and head out on the highway. But a simple ride was never enough, Jim was a tornado chaser, trying desperately to get caught in the twister.  The great thing about this track is that if you play it whilst its raining your tyres grip much better.

New in at number 4 is Layla by Derik and the Dominoes. Another monster hit, with a guitar solo that seems to cry in agony. You may have heard that this track, penned under a psuedonym, by uncle Eric, was inspired by a love he had for another mans wife. A lady he didn’t have, then did have, and then didn’t have. Piffle. No guitar slinging Eric liked nothing better than getting out on his Fixie and riding without the saddle. Way back in the seventies Eric liked a tipple or two, but as we all know riding without a seat and drunk is going to lead to a painful experience. So it was for Eric and this track perfectly captures this pain.

Still at number 3 this week is Bring me Sunshine by Morecambe and Wise. Neatly back to strange bedfellows indeed. Who said there’s no coherent thread through these posts? With duos the most asked question is who wrote the lyrics and who wrote the melody, or did you both do both? Well this is where the lack of research is starting to show, as I cannot answer either of these questions, nor can I even confirm if the pyjama two had anything to do with it. But I can confirm that I sing it every sunday morning as a little prayer. So tomorrow when your out peddling hum this tune and do the dance whilst cycling.

New in at number 2 its 99 Balloons Red Balloons by Nena. Way back in the eighties hormonal teenage boys weren’t looking to our European neighbours, the germans, for their kicks. But then came along Nena and we didn’t care about her armpits. No she was one fit hottie, and I can’t remember much of the song. But what I do know is that back in the eighties there was no such thing as google translator, and that the title of this song is in fact an error. Poor Nena’s english studies hadn’t gone well, and she believed that the english for bicycle was balloon. Silly Billy. What now for teenage boys? Angela “Bloody” Merkal, no thanks.

New in at number 1 Duffy with Warwick Avenue. For many a romantic ode that tells the hearbreaking breaking story of a love at the tube station. But lets not kid ourselves, no this chicks another Jim Morrison in a dress, looking for a highway high. You may not know it but Duffy is an olympic standard BMXer that likes nothing better than tearing up and down the escalators, busking the commuters with her displays of wheelies, stoppies and endoes. Too hot to rock.

So get out your bikes and lets rock veloists, heres the ride…………   

Long Route