Yet Another Late Posting

Well if we were a public body then I would be forced to put out an inane and grovelling appologing for the lateness of this posting, and the quality of its content. But we’re not.

However I have spent much of this morning on the dog and bone to Angie, the German Chancellor, trying to arrange one of those loans where you only have to pay back a small proportion of what you owe. As a means of reducing my overdraft, and credit card bills I thought it would be a sound strategy to approach the exceptionally generous Germans for a few free euros.  Much to my horror the old bird started to babble on about collateral and credit ratings, ability to repay, and many other criteria that I thought would simply not apply.

I explained that I bank with a spanish bank, and that any bailout to me could simply be considered as an advance on the bail out that the rest of the nation would surely be begging for soon. Then there was more banging on about collateral, and I felt I was not going to get a word in, but eventually she choked on a piece of sausage and I jumped in. I explained that we are a long established cycling club, that our honoury president is Sir Jimmy Saville (RIP), and that our splendid shirt that resides in the Rose and Crown could be offered as security. When she asked “who is zis Jimmy Deville” I slammed the phone down in disgust. 

 It seems to me that we live in strange times when a gipsi gets free handouts and the worlds grafters get nothing. Well take back your wheezing VW beetle that we’ve been burdoned with for over half a century, the velos can do without you.

Here’s this weeks ride, you’ll be glad it bypasses Germany.

Long Route

Non Existant short Route.