Summer is rapidly approaching

Get ready for summer and get the wardrobe fitted out with the latest in cycling mankinis and ultra tight tops, whilst treating your bike to a new set of super fast tyres; to help with this the mighty Vinghoe Velos have recently set up ties with the

Both the Road Room and Mountain Mania will offer ‘members’ of the Vinghoe Velos 10% discount on accessories and be delighted to talk about the best price for a new bike simply by you telling them you ride with the Velos.  It is possible that in time a discount card will be coming and news on this will follow if that is the case.  We are also discussing with them the thought of a new jersey with the thought being a long sleeve full length zipped top and everyone’s input on this would be appreciated along with some idea of the level of interest in a new jersey.  It is hoped that the Road Room will help drive out better prices for the new Jersey.


We continue to receive requests for our original Jerseys from old and new members alike and require a minimum number to go ahead.  If we can muster a minimum of 5 orders (with Cheques for £38 per jersey made out to A Hetherington and left in an envelope in the pub along with your name and sizes required) I will progress an order, but will not cash cheques until an order is placed!  Sizing is best done by discussing with and trying on other members Jerseys.

This weekends rides, please see yesterday’s post for details of the tea ride leaving at 10 today from the Rose and Crown.

Sundays rides

Meeting, as usual at 0950 at the Rose and Crown

Long Ride

Shorter Route

In signing off I unashamedly ask for your support in helping Jose and I raise much needed funds for 

by sponsoring us through the link above

In anticipation many many thanks


1 thought on “Summer is rapidly approaching

  1. Kit: as a ‘down country’ visitor, might I be able to invest in a club top?
    I intend to be with you all as often as time/work permits. I enjoy the ethos of the club very much.
    As for sizing, well, I’d best get the tape out! I could bacs a payment to you.
    Best regards
    Will G

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