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So following on from lots of queries about getting a Vinghoe Velos cycling kit, much research has been done, in real terms if we are to progress it we will need a minimum order of 10 of each item and once an order is placed it will take c. 6 weeks for delivery.

At this stage could people please indicate whether they would be SERIOUSLY interested in purchasing a Vinghoe Velos cycling jersey, with short sleeves and 3/4 length zip.  With the help of oour sponsors we intend to have the price of these, fashion leading, jerseys to less than £35 per jersey and should anyone know of anyone that would like their company name displayed by a group of ‘athletes’ all approaches are welcome.  If like me there are people who like the ‘mankini’ feel and would like some bib shorts please also let us know.  The intention will be to make the jersey design compatible with black shorts anyhow

To move this forward ASAP, please send your expressions of interest to

Great rides yesterday thanks guys!

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  1. Hi,
    I came for my first tea ride yesterday, was made very welcome, learned plenty, and as I am not suffering from too many aches and pains today, I will return.
    I notice it may still be possible to order a jersey? I’m an XXL (at the moment). It would be great if you could include this in your order.
    Thanks and regards,

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