22nd & 23rd October

Good morning all

Looks like winter may finally be on us as we scrape the windscreens first thing in the morning and we look forward to a great range of winter fashion!

Great to see some ‘new’ riders join us last weekend and thanks for the comments posted after Sunday’s ride.

Tuesday night saw Gary trying to out do Andrew & Jose, falling off and 3 punctures all in one ride, not bad!

We have recently been contacted by Leighton Buzzard Cycling Club – they also run a number of rides and for those interested in being challenged by a faster longer route on a Sunday they do the Le Tour De L’Buzzard  (impressed that they think they can start at 0930 and be back by 1030, Mark Cavendish watch out!!!!)

SATURDAY 23rd October

Gary will be heading out at 14:30 from the ‘award winning’ Rose and Crown on a ‘Soft Raod’ (sic.) ride.  This won’t be too challenging but you will need a mountain/hybrid bike!

SUNDAY 24th October

As usual meeting at 10:00 (hangovers optional! 🙂 ) at the R & C to tackle one of two routes

LONG ROUTE – 28 Miles This route is recommended by Dave H who hopefully will be here to show us the way!

SHORT ROUTE – 15 miles

Look forward to seeing you all!!!