Vinghoe Velos win ‘honours’

Last weekend saw several members of the Vinghoe Velos take on their supreme challenges with many gaining honours for their efforts.  These included a number of successes at the highly prestigious Ivinghoe Flower and Vegetable Show held on Saturday.  Amongst the honours there was First places for,  Angela Hollands, Lucy Ashton, the Beezers (they can fight over who were the true winners!) and several second and third places with the Hetherington Cherry Tomatoes getting a second place! 

Steeped in their ‘glory’ Jose and Andrew headed off to Bath to take on the Wessex 100 (miles!) on Sunday.  Whoever says the Salisbury Plain is flat wants to think again!  Facing continual head winds (how can that be possible when you are doing a circular ride?!) and a severely undulating route sadly Andrew was forced to retire in a ‘messy heap’ after 75 miles whilst Jose went on to complete the ride, a tremendous effort!!

This weekend sees the Vinghoe Velos joining the Robin Hood Charity Ride in Tring on Sunday leaving the R&C as usual at 10:00 on Sunday, Dave Bembridge will be leading out a short ride on Saturday.   Final details for both of these rides will be published on Thursday.