Ride – Sunday 29th August 2010

Well done !

A tremendous turn out last week with some 18 intrepid riders turning out and great to see some more new faces! Thanks also for the really positive feedback on the rides and whilst I neither got stung or fell off, it is noted that we had one wasp sting and one fall off in the group (both with no long lasting effects).

(i)Vinghoe Velo is everybody’s ‘club’ and as much input to Gary, Jose and myself is needed.

Dave Bembridge has proposed a shorter ride (say 7 miles) perhaps every other Saturday to enable us to widen the appeal of cycling to those who may feel intimidated by a 15 mile ride, we would create a route and have someone lead it and comments and feedback on this would be appreciated, certainly Dave and I have volunteered to lead them if there is a call for them.

Finally several people have asked about the cycling jerseys the site I use is www.love2pedal.com have a look if nothing else the logos make you smile, although be wary of the sizing! Will Hollands is wearing the ‘club’ shirt on Sunday and for guidance that is an XL, whilst I will be sporting my rather bright jersey which has a few more Xs before the L!!

Short Ride – 16 miles

Long Ride – 27 miles

Look forward to seeing you all,