Ride – Sunday 22nd August 2010

Hi all!

In Gary’s absence please find attached the rides for this week, meeting at 10.00 am as normal, you will note that I have avoided water this time!!

The last 3 weeks we have had 15 riders each Sunday and it would be good if, despite Gary and the Beezers being on holidays we could achieve a similar number, so PLEASE try and introduce a friend to the (I)Vinghoe Veloes and drag them along with you. Another new and even brighter (better fitting too!) cycling jersey will be on display ๐Ÿ™‚ modeled by yours truly and in the hope it will scare off the wasps!

Remember we have set this club up to be a social ‘low key’ ride and it would be good if everyone could take their turn to accompany and encourage the ‘slower’ riders and more importantly that we all take responsibility for our fellow riders safety! The last couple of weeks we have managed to get ‘lost’ on a few occasions so it would be good if we could all take 10 mins to study the routes! Sorry to those of you that have those thingamejigs I cannot work out how to download the GPS co-ordinates for the rides ๐Ÿ™

WE do not have any greater right over the road than those pesky motorists so lest extend to them the courtesy we expect from them.

Short Route – 14 miles

Long Route – 23 miles

Hope to see you all on Sunday

Andrew and Jose