Newsletter 1

Welcome to what we hope will be the first of many newsletters for your new cycling club. This news letter will keep you informed on where the velos have been as well as letting you know about up and coming events. If there are any items you’d like to see us publish then please get in contact.

And so to the news……………..


Well firstly a big thank you to all those that joined us on 13th July 2010 for our first get together. Over 20 turned up on the evening, some even staying on for the pub quiz night. Our list of interested people now exceeds 30. Our intention is that the club shall remain an informal affair that caters for cyclists of all abilities, with a big emphasis on getting out and enjoying our country side. As such we will establish a variety of routes both on and off road, to suit all. So if the next published ride is not for you, then don’t despair as the following weeks’ one is likely to be.


Sunday 25th July 2010 saw the first ride out under the (I)vinghoe Velos banner, with 7 of us starting from the Rose and Crown at 10.00am. We then proceeded to tackle one leg of the “ride to the horns” circuit, in reverse manner just to confuse those that had previously completed it the correct way. This gave us a down hill start through Pitstone to the roundabout before turning right towards Cheddington. Despite the downhill start it was clear that one member had not been on the Athletes training programme, as at this stage Jack Beezer left the main group and did not rejoin until close to the finish when he was seen riding down towards Ivinghoe Aston. As he showed no signs of tiredness it was clear that he had been given a lift. Clearly if Jack is going to keep up with us he is going to need to get out a bit more.

And so back to the ride. Well the remainder of the route took us onto Cheddington, Wingrave and Mentmore. The climbs into Wingrave, and Mentmore provided a good challenge to the remaining cyclists, who all managed the ascent. Mentmore seemed to be holding its own Bi-Athlon as the team went through. As expected, and despite climbing two peaks that are considered a greater challenge than the Alpe D’Huez stage, the (I)vinghoe Velos swarmed past the local contingent. Any suggestion that mass and gravity provided any assistance has been strongly denied.

After leaving Mentmore the team cycled on the relatively flat Plaines through Slapton towards Ivinghoe Aston, where upon two further team members were seen approaching from the opposite direction, much to everyone’s bewilderment. Excuses were later heard at the Rose and Crown, and included “we forgot to adjust our clock to British summer time”. The guilty shall not be named here.

Ivinghoe Aston allowed those riders taking the shorter route to return via the golf course footpath, while those completing the long circuit started the ascent towards Ivinghoe Beacon. At this stage Jack Beezer rejoined the group, but yet again, and despite his short cut, HE was shown to have a clear lack of fitness, as Jose showed him a clean pair of (stiletto) heals all the way to the top. From here the route took us down to the double roundabout and then onto Dagnall before the final climb up to Ringshall. Yet again a climb too far for Jack as he was overtaken by kids on BMX bikes and a couple of lost pedaloes.

Thankfully the descent from the beacon provided everyone with a welcome relief from all the climbs, with the sprint finish reminding everyone of the return to Paris.

(v)elos Kneival waits for Jack at the top of the Ivinghoe Aston Climb


As well as the clubs organised rides, the email list gives us all a chance to keep in contact for other rides. Dave Howe has been emailing everyone about rides out on Tuesday nights. I have now been out on two rides with the guys. These are off road routes and do include some climbing, so can be a bit of challenge. However no one gets left behind, and the routes take us to some great places that you wouldn’t normally see from the road. Because of the terrain punctures can happen, so spare tubes or repair kits are handy to have. If you fancy trying one of their routes, they start from Rushendon Furlong at 7.30 on Tuesday nights. It’s a good ride, that’s rewarded with a slug of nature’s finest juice at the end!

Organised Rides. Lots of you have expressed an interest in entering a team as part of an organised event. If anyone has some suggestions please let us know so that we can gauge the amount interest and get some groups together.

Other recent suggestions have included a family ride. This would give us a chance to get the smaller guys and gals out on their bikes, trailers, seats etc. Let us have your thoughts on this, and if there’s good interest we’ll get something arranged before the summer disappears.

Another popular suggestion is a cycle to the Chiltern Brewery, located somewhere past Wendover. Organised tours are on Saturday lunchtimes. Again if you like the sound of this let us know and we’ll get a plan together.


Note: None of the following have been provided by any member of the medical profession, although they may have overheard some of the following being discussed.

(1)Cycling burns between 400 and 700 calories over 7 miles depending on your weight. For ease of calculation this should be rounded up to 1000 calories.

(2)Beer has between 220 and 260 calories per pint. For ease of calculation this should rounded down to 200 per pint.

(3)In replenishing lost fluid after a ride no more than 5 pints of beer must be consumed per 7 miles.

(4)We recommend the use of stabilisers after replenishing large amounts of lost fluid, and the assistance of a man waving a red flag.

(5)The first hour after completing exercise is known as the golden hour. During this time the body is able to take on significant amounts of carbohydrates. (Note from editor: I don’t know what these are, but I think means you can eat as much as you like!)