Inaugural Ride

Ok fellow athletes,

The time has come to squeeze those finely honed bodies into some of that stretchy cycling gear. After almost a year of working out at the Rose and Crown velodrome, and several minutes planning a route we are now ready for the first ride out.

Dust of the cobwebs from your Raleigh Chopper, oil up the grifter, grease your gear shifters on the Arena and head off to the start point………..Yep the Rose and Crown!

We have selected two routes for this weeks jaunt, both based on Mark Webbers Ride to the Horns from the stag. I haven’t invited Mark because frankly we don’t want to embarrass him, he tends to get quite upset when he doesn’t win. For those that feel like a shorter less hilly route a short cut has been included. Maps for both routes are attached, easy rider being the short one.

Now I believe that there may be a few of us who have not been out for a while so I would like a few volunteers that are prepared to offer support through out the ride, so that we can keep small groups together, and ensure we stay safe in the traffic. I will be happy to make sure no one gets left out, and Jose has also volunteered. Please let me know if your up for it.

A couple more serious points before I log off for some refreshment, HELMETS! Some Drinks, we will be out for a couple of hours so make sure you’ve got enough. Puncture kits, tubes etc. Don’t go and buy them if you don’t have any , I’m sure we can  pool enough for a get you home emergency.

I will be at the start for 9.30, so if anyone needs assistance with repairs, tyres etc please come along and I’ll be happy to assist.

We will aim to depart by 10.00 and return for around 12.00

Alistair has assured me that all beers and wines available on Sunday will be isotonic!

Please feel free to invite any additional friends.

We look forward to seeing you all Sunday.