Ivinghoe Velos Rides For Sunday 11th February 2024

10am 34 miles https://ridewithgps.com/routes/45533296

10am 29 miles https://ridewithgps.com/routes/45533872

10.30 23 miles https://ridewithgps.com/routes/45533902

Three routes to choose from this week and to celebrate Ivinghoe Velos being your number one cycling connection there are some (not so well) hidden number one 80s song titles in this weeks post. How many can you spot? Rides start from Ivinghoe Church, Papa don’t preach!

Getting out and riding with fellow like minded cyclists is great for heart and mind, you can have a little sprint where the winner takes it all, or be a super trouper and pull the rest of the group along riding at the front. Now is a good time to start, we’re not going underground we will carry on encouraging riders to ring my bell and stand and deliver. Possible showers on Sunday, the tide is high, so the routes are not too long, then it’s back to the house of fun, the Rose and Crown for a pint, or some red red wine and a chat- happy talk I expect. There are a few slopes, every breath you take will get you closer to the top, he aint heavy he’s my brother, so we regroup at the top. Then don’t be too shy, take a turn on the front and relax on the down hills, the freedom of the open road means you might say hello to a strava record, then we’ll all be dancing in the streets!

At 10am we have two tribes, one taking on a 34 mile route the other a 29 mile route. At 10.30 riders can use the power of love in a 23 mile circuit. All routes are circular, you spin me round (like a record)! The pace will be respectable. It’s a sin to leave anyone behind, no riders should be saying I think we’re alone now, so move closer and stick together, form a chain reaction (or a caravan of love). Make sure you know the route, we don’t want anyone taking a different corner, shouting “I should have known better” as they go. If you get into the groove and ride as a team we will soon be back in the land of make believe, going through the green door into this ole house, the pub.

Any mechanicals, just call out “don’t leave me this way” and we will stop, especially for you. It’s just one moment in time, those who don’t have a puncture might mutter I should be so lucky. Then once fixed, pump up the volume of your tires so they are under pressure, don’t turn around, carry on along the route, the only way is up! Stick in a group, cycling is easier with a little help from my friends.

Please arrive before the stated start time, we ride on time. Shout out pot holes for other riders, not just a careless whisper. We don’t want your bike thinking do you really want to hurt me! The reflex is strong but plenty of warning helps. I know you are probably thinking Shaddap your face, I owe you nothing, but the Ivinghoe Velos is built on a groovy kind of love and somethings gotten hold of my heart and it’s not a tainted love. Riding is always on my mind. All around the world (or at least Buckinghamshire) we ride like it’s the first time, enjoying the thrill of a little peace on roads like in a ghost town rather than a town called malice, thanking the spirit in the sky when it feels like the edge of heaven.

So on to the end of ride sprint, it’s the final countdown, you win again? well every loser wins on a Velos ride, jack your body, swing the mood, come on Eileen, like a prayer you might be perfect or end up crying (seven tears?) just enjoy the ride. That’s what I like. see you on Sunday- when the going gets tough the tough get going!

That’s 70 song titles by the way!