Ivinghoe Velos Rides For Sunday 28th January 2024

Three routes this week with the 10.30 “beginners and rejoiners” route taking on a few small climbs in the planned 24 mile route giving around 1,100 feet of climbing, my mission was to craft two routes for 10am riders which included LESS climbing than the later shorter route (after all we have done a few hills recently). So at 10am we have a choice of 40 miles with 1,070 feet of climbing or 30 miles with 870 feet of climbing. These rides contain a no hills and no puncture guarentee**

10am 40 miles: flat out 40 https://ridewithgps.com/routes/45424123

10am 30 miles: flat lands 30 https://ridewithgps.com/routes/45424201

10.30 Beginners And Returners 24 miles https://ridewithgps.com/routes/45415357

We are not a cycle club, there is no membership fees, riders can come along as often or as little as they like. We are a large group of friends enthusiastic about riding bikes with a good knowlege of local routes and the mechanical working of our bikes. We have various distance and pace options to suit most casual riders. While our quickest rides can go along at a reasonable pace, If you are training for the Olympics we are probably not the group for you! Our top speed average rarely exceeds 16mph while our lower mileage rides are often around 14mph, depending on how much climbing is involved! Riding in a group saves a good 20% of your usual solo effort so join the group for some easier miles!

Rides Start and finish in Ivinghoe, at the junction by the church, our general aim is to leave no one behind unless they are dead set on wanting to continue solo (we often hear riders say they are happy to continue on their own but we know it’s always easier in a group so we moderate the pace to get everybody back, or split into pace groups)

While we meet and complete suggested routes each week, we can make no guarentees about traffic safety and road conditions, anyone joining us must be responsible for their own safety, ensure their equipment is in good order and ride with due caution. We occasional need to divert from the planned course due to road closures but try not to increase our distances too much.

During January we offer 10.30am routes dedicated to new joiners and returners which are riden at an even more relaxed pace to suit those wanting to give it a try, we will also look at offering more of the same in the early spring.

** based on rides taking place in the middle of summer on a dry sunny day on brand new bikes with high puncture protection tires, following a road sweeper.