Ivinghoe Velos Rides for Sunday 19th December 2021

Our last Sunday before Christmas should be a nice, socially distanced, social affair, so please come and join us for a gentle flat spin where we can exchange Christmas pleasantries or share festive frustrations! Our main route of 29 miles heads out at 10am, if you’d like extra miles please do your own “warm up” before getting to Ivinghoe church ready for the start. For anyone unable to join us on 19th, we wish you a merry Christmas, may santa bring you some new shiny bike related toys. On that subject, for those who have ordered Velos kit, it is now ready to collect, please contact John if you’ve not already done so.

If you can’t manage the 29 miles on the main route we also offer a 23 mile short cut starting at 10.30am at the church, you may well bump into the main ride on the way round!

As the next Sunday is boxing day we won’t put out a prescribed route but have every intention of meeting up at 10am for some fresh air and a spin for a couple of hours to clear the head and work off some of the Christmas pudding.

We will also be taking advantage of the bank holidays on Monday 27th and Tuesday 28th with open invitations for rides again at 10am from the church.

We will pop a poll on facebook so riders can see if there are others intending to ride each day.

Once into the new year we will be supporting those resolutions by offering easy routes for newcomers and unfit returners. Obviously our plans may change based on government edict, crossing everything that we are able to start the new year riding together!

19th December 10am 29 miles Ho Ho Halton https://ridewithgps.com/routes/38185852

19th December 10.30am 23 miles Ho Halton https://ridewithgps.com/routes/38185860