Rides For Sunday 3rd October 2021

Three rides this week, the longer two travel through the pretty Buckinghamshire village of The Lee, hence their route names are Lee Minors and Lee Majors. Don’t worry if you’re not wanting to ride like the six million dollar man we also have a 10.30 option with just 750 feet of climbing. The longer two routes share the same last 15 miles. Please arrive at Ivinghoe church before your expected start time. We may split into pace groups depending on the number of riders out.

9am 48 miles Lee Majors https://ridewithgps.com/routes/37658202

10am 34 miles Lee Minors https://ridewithgps.com/routes/37658322

10.30am 24 miles Less Hills than Devon https://ridewithgps.com/routes/37647732

A reminder to all riders that we are a group of friends riding bikes, not a cycle club. We suggest routes and enjoy the company of each other while out on our bikes. Those who lead out groups, the route planners and the I.T. gurus in no way make any assurances as to the safety of any rides organised under the Ivinghoe Velos banner. Each participant is wholly responsible for their own safety, road worthiness of their steed, legal requirements to abide by the highway code and any insurances each individual feels are necessary. We don’t guarantee that there will be riders & leaders on all rides but we are lucky enough to have a large following, so generally everyone gets some company out on the roads.

 10am & 10.30am Rides: As we have riders that are at differing levels of fitness we need to split into groups riding at a set speed. Groups should ideally be around 6 to 8 riders to help keep everyone together and not take up too much of the road. There will be a poll on the Rear Hub Facebook page  where you can select which group you would like to ride in. After looking at the ride distance and profile select which group you would like to ride in. Please be realistic when doing this! Take a turn at the front of the group to help maintain that pace and do not expect somebody to be at the front whilst you sit on their wheel. They are not your Domestiques!! Check over your shoulder  and make sure the rider behind you has not dropped off. If they are more than 5 yards back let the rest of the group know so they can ease off and let them catch up and review the pace. Agree a stopping  point for a drink and regroup after a hill. Not everybody is a good climber/descender and may need a few seconds to catch up. Be aware of other riders’ needs. If you are struggling with the agreed pace be prepared to drop back to the group behind you. Its a social ride not a time trial. Be considerate to other road users. You might be wearing Ivinghoe Velos kit and we’d like to have a reputation of considerate and courteous riders.

The 9am ride usually rides as one group as numbers are lower than 10am, the group generally rides between 15.5mph and 17.5mph depending on the route.

 Feel free to plan a route as we would welcome this and are always looking for something different. If you have ridden with us for a few rides you obviously enjoy our company so  it would be great to see you riding in Velo Cycling top to help promote the group.