Ivinghoe Velos Rides For Sunday 29th August 2021

An away day awaits for you this bank holiday weekend, a trip to Cambridgeshire. The route is flat and the drive is less than an hour, so join us for a nice flat ride on some different roads! We will aim to stick together, which tends to be easier on flatter routes.

We have 100km and 75km route options, so riders can join for the long route at 9am and split off to do the 75km, maybe grab a coffee and meet up again at the end, or aim to start at 10am and finish around the same time. The long route takes in part of the Cambridge busway, a nice flat tarmac track. The ride meeting point is Willington Dovecote (NT) MK44 3PX. There is a free car park and free side street parking close by, it’s a 50 minute drive from Ivinghoe. Please use our social media channels to arrange lift shares. Post ride refreshments can be taken at either the Danish Camp in Willington or The Anchor Pub on the river at Great Barford.

There will be the usual 10am and 10.30 local rides on offer, which start at Ivinghoe church. The 10am route is a lovely loop around Brickhill, with far more climbing that the Cambridge ride!!! At 10.30 we go for a 22 mile ride towards Aston Abbotts.

Also if anyone is in the market for a bank holiday leisurely paced ride that’s in the mix too, arrive at the church in Ivinghoe at 10am on Monday and we’ll see how the mood takes us.

Cambridge away day long 9am start(100km) https://ridewithgps.com/routes/37167591

Cambridge away day medium 9am/10am(75km) https://ridewithgps.com/routes/37252494

10am route Brickhill Loop https://ridewithgps.com/routes/37277083

10.30 route https://ridewithgps.com/routes/37279525

Next week we bid bon-voyage to Nick who is moving away from the area, hopefully scouting some new routes for us to try in the future!

A reminder to all riders that we are a group of friends riding bikes, not a cycle club. We suggest routes and enjoy the company of each other while out on our bikes. Those who lead out groups, the route planners and the I.T. gurus in no way make any assurances as to the safety of any rides organised under the Ivinghoe Velos banner. Each participant is wholly responsible for their own safety, road worthiness of their steed, legal requirements to abide by the highway code and any insurances each individual feels are necessary. We don’t guarantee that there will be riders & leaders on all rides but we are lucky enough to have a large following, so generally everyone gets some company out on the roads.