Ivinghoe Velos Rides For Sunday 15th August 2021

This week we have a special ride to celebrate a significant birthday. David Padfield, known locally and now confusingly as “Chesham Dave” is celebrating his 70th birthday with us. Bikes, beers and buddies, surely the best way to celebrate a birthday! All velos are invited to take part in his 70km Sunday special. 70km might be too long, or too short for some riders preferences so there will be a 9am extension and a 10.30am short cut. Rides may come together out on the roads as the base route is the same for all three. As usual if groups are large we will split into safe numbers based on expected pace.

Rides should finish before 1pm. There is then an option to continuing the celebration at Ivinghoe Velos head quarters (The Rose And Crown Ivinghoe) with food and drink courtesy of Chesham Dave.

Please wear your Sunday best Velos blue kit, we will endeavor to pose for a team photo outside headquarters after the ride.

Thank you to route planner Dave Bembridge who also celebrated a birthday this week!

10am the main event (43 miles, 70km) : https://ridewithgps.com/routes/36360924

9am longer (60 miles): https://ridewithgps.com/routes/37118948

10.30am Short Cut (33 miles): https://ridewithgps.com/routes/37119025

A reminder to all riders that we are a group of friends riding bikes, not a cycle club. We suggest routes and enjoy the company of each other while out on our bikes. Those who lead out groups, the route planners and the I.T. gurus in no way make any assurances as to the safety of any rides organised under the Ivinghoe Velos banner. Each participant is wholly responsible for their own safety, road worthiness of their steed, legal requirements to abide by the highway code and any insurances each individual feels are necessary. We don’t guarantee that there will be riders & leaders on all rides but we are lucky enough to have a large following, so generally everyone gets some company out on the roads.