Ivinghoe Velos Rides For Sunday 8th August 2021

Before we lose everybody to a new BMX craze we thought we should get some good rides out for you this weekend! The 9am route starts in Eynsham, Oxfordshire, rather than our usual spot. The 10am and 10.30 routes kick off from Ivinghoe church as usual. The local routes are fairly flat, while the 9am away day has some steady climbing after all the Cotwolds means “sheep enclosures on rolling hillside”

10am ride https://ridewithgps.com/routes/37020539

10.30 ride https://ridewithgps.com/routes/37020597

9am ride https://ridewithgps.com/routes/36492478

The 9am start point is the High Street close to St Leonards church OX29 4HB (what three words= pockets clef puddles). There is plenty of street parking close by. Google maps suggests the quickest route is 37 miles, 59 minutes but you may want to give yourself a bit more time to get parked and the bike set up. Car sharing is encouraged, arranged via our usual social media channels. The route goes through some lovely villages, Bourton on the water, Minster Lovell, Great Barrington and the Slaughters, which get their name from old English Slothre (muddy place by the water). Depending on numbers we will ride in one or two groups, we will look after all aim to have a roll call at 9am and look after all riders. There will be a biscuit/banana stop on the green in Bourton.

The great rides won’t stop there! Next Sunday we have a special 70km to celebrate Mr Padfield’s 70th birthday and if the Oxfordshire ride works well we will head to Cambridgeshire for another away day in September.

A reminder to all riders that we are a group of friends riding bikes, not a cycle club. We suggest routes and enjoy the company of each other while out on our bikes. Those who lead out groups, the route planners and the I.T. gurus in no way make any assurances as to the safety of any rides organised under the Ivinghoe Velos banner. Each participant is wholly responsible for their own safety, road worthiness of their steed, legal requirements to abide by the highway code and any insurances each individual feels are necessary. We don’t guarantee that there will be riders on all rides but are lucky enough to have a large following, so generally everyone gets some company out on the roads.