Ivinghoe Velos Rides for Sunday 5th July 2020

Hello … it has been a while

As the Covid rules are starting to be relaxed, we here at Velos Towers thought we might start a very gentle journey back towards riding as a group again. To ensure we all stay safe, we will be strictly sticking to the Government guidelines and rules explained in detail on the Government Covid Website.

The Rules

If you have any of the symptoms, please stay at home. Or, if you are in a vulnerable group please don’t join us – it’s better to go solo to absolutely eliminate any chance of picking up the virus.

We plan to change our meeting spot to the car park area by the entrance to Ivinghoe Church and Windmill Close in Ivinghoe. This gives us plenty of space to ensure that, if there are more than 6 of us, we gather into distinct groups that are self contained and do not mix with the other groups. There must not be any chance that an onlooker might thing that we are a single group of riders numbering more that 6 people.

If there are more than 6 riders, then each group must leave the start at different times and must not join up with another group during the ride at any time.

When riding keep a minimum of 2m apart. Give your fellow riders more space if you can.

Each rider must take responsibility for their own safety and adherence to the Government Covid Rules. Please don’t take our interpretation of the rules as advice. You should read the linked site above and decide for yourself if your activity is within the guidelines.

The Rides

9am start, 50 mile ride

10am start, 33 mile ride

10am start, 25 mile ride

The Beer

The wonderful Mr Brembridge has reserved two outside tables at the Rose & Crown in Ivinghoe for use by The Velos. This means a maximum of 6 people per table and we need to socialise as these distinct groups. When you arrive at the pub you are obliged to give your details to a member of staff as per the Government rules. There will be a table service for for food and drinks.

We must not leave our bikes at the front of the pub. The landlord Mick has arranged for us to be able to store our bikes safely in the shed at the back of the pub. The door to the shed, alongside the pub, will be open.