Ivinghoe Velos Rides for Sunday 03/11/2019

This Sunday rides head towards the Bletchley area. Three routes to choose from, 27, 40 or 51 miles. As the road conditions are deteriorating at this time of year a check of your brakes and tires plus the addition of mudguards are recommended. Sunday is predicted to be the better conditions of the weekend. Riding in a supportive group will get you further and riding faster than going solo, so join one of our groups and go well.

Next week we will aim to pause our rides so we can observe remembrance Sunday as a group.

9am longer: https://www.mapometer.com/cycling/route_4976334.html

10am long: https://gb.mapometer.com/cycling/route_4976171.html

10am Medium: https://gb.mapometer.com/cycling/route_4976170.html