Velos rides for Sunday 11th August 2019

This week we have contacted the weather gods to request that the calmer day of the weekend is our ride day. This request has been acknowledged and it is anticipated that conditions will be favourable all morning on Sunday.

We have three rides to tempt you out on two wheels. The longer 9am route can again be ridden at a more relaxed, inclusive pace and we have shortened the overall distance to enable riders to return to the Rose and Crown by around 1pm. This ride heads into the wind to start with, but don’t worry you will be sheltered by all the hills and then enjoy a flat wind assisted return to Ivinghoe! The 10am routes, courtesy of Mr Bembridge, focuses on the W’s visiting Whitchurch, Wingrave, Wing, Weedon and Waddesdon, both look like thoroughly enjoyable woad wides.

Please bring your selected route map/GPS file with you. Please support your ride mates all the way around the routes. Please have fun and stay safe.

9am 54 miles:

10am 26 miles

10am 40 miles