Velos rides for Sunday 7th October 2018

24 Hour Ride for Dan

Some of you may be aware of a young, local chap named Dan who recently was diagnosed with stage 4 Burkitt’s Lymphoma – a horrible form of cancer that has already manifested itself as a sizeable tumour on his spine. He is likely to be in hospital for the next 6 months whist he undergoes chemotherapy. This is putting a considerable strain on his family.

A number of people from the local villages have started a Just Giving page and put some events on to raise some money to help Dan and his family. We thought it would be great if the Ivinghoe Velos (and friends) could do something to help. So we have put together a challenge – for us to do a 24 hour relay ride ! The idea is that on the hour, we start a nominated Prime Rider who cycles a 15 mile circuit starting from Cheddington. They complete their loop within the hour and had over the baton to the next rider and so on till we have completed 360 miles. If we get enough people, no one will have to ride more than 15 miles, but we know there will be those of you that want to do more, so we will also encourage Support Riders who can ride any of the circuits accompanying the prime rider.

This event will start at 1pm on Saturday 27th October and complete at midday on Sunday 27th October (the clocks will be going back so the timing is a bit odd). If you are interested – or would like more info about the cause, please head on over to this online form (which also has links to the Just Giving and Facebook pages) and put your name down for the hour that you would like to ride. If you would like to talk to someone in person about this, please have a word with John or Elke Hegarty. Details like the route etc will follow on soon.

Sunday Rides

Three on offer this week.

9am start, 54 miles

10am start, 41 miles

10am start, 21 miles

As always, please bring a copy of your chosen route with you.