Velos rides for Sunday 16th September 2018

Our rides this week will ride by Musette, a new cycling themed cafe in Aldbury. Stopping here is optional, but it would be nice to give our support to a local business just starting out especially if we are all wearing our Velos kit.

9am start, 50 miles

10am start, 36 miles

10am start, 20 miles

We would like to remind everyone that our motto is “no one gets left behind”. If you are riding in a group, please keep tabs on the rider behind you. If they start to drop off the back, give a shout to those in front of you to easy up a bit for them to get back on. If there is a natural split in the group in terms of the pace that you want to go at, discuss it with your fellow riders and make sure everyone is aware of the decision to split.

Many thanks to Dave B and Dave H for planning the routes this week.