1 thought on “Velos Rides for Sunday 22nd April 2018

  1. I am a cyclist so understand both sides of the car vs. cyclist problem. However, I wish to report two of your members for contravening the Highway Code on the approach to South Heath, near Great Missenden at around 11.15 am on Sunday 23nd April. They were riding side by side blocking half of the narrow road and did not move to single file as I approached even though they were clearly aware of my car. A gentle toot to move aside as I trundled along behind them was greeted by a wave to go past in the remaining space on the wrong side of the road. This is in itself a hazard – the slight bend meant the manoeuvre was blind to me with the risk of something appearing at 40mph (the speed limit here). Every Spring onwards the roads near us are blighted by such behaviour from keen cyclists who act as if they own the road and cause danger to themselves and others by reckless cycling such as this. I would be grateful if you can do other road users the courtesy of instructing members to follow the code and make the road sharing better for all.

    Regards, Jamie Wilkinson
    Lee Common, Bucks

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