Boomers & Sooners

On April 22nd, 1889, the land rush of the unassigned lands of Oklahoma all kicked off.  At 12 noon.  The “Sooners” laid in wait out on the land for the legal time of entry.  The “Boomers” were the people who campaigned for the lands to be opened up and assigned legally.

What’s that got to do with the Tea Ride? (Apart from the date …obviously… or perhaps not, for those who have only just signed up for the mailing list!)  The SOONER you get there, the sooner you can get going.  Kick off time (i.e. departure time – not “turn up” time please!) is 10am and, as usual, we assemble at the Rose & Crown.  Hopefully there will be good weather and a boom in numbers…. in which case you will all be BOOMERS 🙂

Marvellous Mary will be leading a Tea Ride paced group (10-12mph) out to The Driving Range, via Beggars Lane and Shootersway, and (most probably) returning down Hamberlins Lane, Boswick Lane to Dudswell and back via Albury & Pitstone Hill.  There will be stops along the way for her to collect her flock.  If you wish to go further or faster, please form a separate group.