It may persist…

This Saturday,
And so shall I,
With what I have to say.

The Tea Ride is meant
To be fun for all.
Both young & old
Short & tall.

There are many needs
It tries to meet.
Whilst finding quiet routes
And places to eat.

Helping build confidence &
Teach skills on the seat
(A bit like learning to dance
If you’ve two left feet).

The pace is set
By the slowest one out.
If we go too fast
You just have to shout.

We stop and we start
All around the lanes
Preferably in places where
The traffic load wanes.

But we can’t please all
In one big group.
Our ride styles are different,
We’re an oddball group!

As ride leaders we’re here
To help & support
Guide a group
And share what we’ve been taught.

If your needs aren’t met
And you find it too slow.
Perhaps the main ride
You’ve begun to outgrow.

We don’t want you to leave us
And ride alone.
But we don’t want you to just
Be bored to the bone.

Pick a pal who rides
At a similar pace
And a longer route to our tea stop
You then can trace.

Our motto is simple
And to it we adhere
“As fast as the slowest”
We hope this is clear.

Meeting at the Rose & Crown for a 10am departure.