Your opinion counts… and other Important Stuff…

Christmas is a-coming

We are rapidly approaching Christmas and so we need to organise ourselves in terms of the annual Velos get-together. There was talk last year of us moving the event from the Haldi to the Rose and Crown but no firm decision has been made, so we need some feedback. Can you please take a couple of minute to fill in our survey here with your preference. We will go with the most popular choice.

Other Important Stuff

In 1884, on 22nd October to be precise, the basis of geographical and navigational longitude was adopted as the meridian passing through Greenwich, London.  The meridian was actually established by George Airy in 1851 but, by 1884, two thirds of all shipping transport was using it as a reference point so the International Meridian Conference voted that it should become the officially recognised Prime Meridian.  Now, because of a whole bunch or re-triangulations over the years, your modern fandangled GPS thingies will actually show a discrepancy of about 103 metres between where the line of steel is on the ground and where the electronic doodah believes it to be.

103 metres may not sound like a lot. But, if you’re intent on joining the far more important display of steel (aluminium and carbon bikes also accepted) tomorrow morning, it’s about the difference between being outside the Rose & Crown, Ivinghoe and being at the junction by St Mary’s Church. i.e. the wrong place.

So, let’s all be in the right place, at the right time, please.  Ready to depart at 10am, Saturday 22 October, outside the Rose & Crown, Ivinghoe.

There will be an “any-body, any-bike, as-fast-as-the-slowest-rider” group, doing an approximate average of around 9.4mph.  Those wishing to go further or faster and head to the same place are welcome to come along and form additional groups.