Alliteration (in T major)

The Terrible Tangerine Tricycle trundles through the town.
The Tea-ride takes the tricky trail towards the teacake temple
Though the tricycle trips towards them, threateningly, they trek towards tempting, toasted teacakes.
Tyres turning, taking the tangible tangerine tricycle too, the twittering throng travel towards the thicket.
Taking to the track, they travel towards the tearoom to try the tasty titbits.
Tea. Tomorrow. Ten.

Continuing the testing of our new and, we think improved, format, we will have two groups – one that may or may not venture off the main tarmac but not that adventurously – just a change of scene! And a road group, heading to the same venue.

So, in case you didn’t know… as fast as the slowest riders…. leaving the Rose& Crown at 10am on Saturdays.  Any bike, any rider (under 16’s must be accompanied by a parent/guardian).

C U 4 T