It ain’t broke, and we don’t need to fix it … but …

… over the next couple of weeks, we thought we’d try something a little different!

Saturday Tea Ride

However, we are becoming a bigger group and, as we need to split into 2 groups in the interests of road safety, we thought we would try a slightly different approach.  “Officially-like”….

So, starting tomorrow (assuming there are a number of people out!), there will be 2 groups, a “Regular” group (averaging 10mph, sticking together) and a “Longer Stronger” group.  This second group will follow the same Tea Ride stick together approach, will average 11-13mph, depending on the group members, and follow a slightly different, probably longer route.

The idea is that both groups will meet at the same Tea Stop, around the same time  and reconvene at the pub afterwards, with the option of changing groups at the Tea Stop should you wish.

Each group will have a nominated leader, who should not be overtaken.

“As fast as the slowest rider” forever will stand.  Departing the Rose & Crown, Saturdays, at 10am.

The Tea Ride Goes Off Piste (Monday Evenings)

Starting Monday 6th July, Elke will be leading out a Roads & Tracks / Off-Road for Beginners ride.  The idea being an intro to paths and tracks, doing something a bit different, building a bit of confidence and seeing the countryside from different tracks.

Hybrids, Mountain bikes, tourers, BMXs, etc all welcome – road bikes not recommended!

Meet at Pitstone roundabout for a 7pm departure.