White van incident approaching Billington

For any of you that witnessed the awful intimidation by a vehicle this morning:- This was an incident that needs logging with the police, and I suspect that the more of us that report what we saw the better- as we witnessed different aspects of the incident according to whereabouts in the group we were.

7 thoughts on “White van incident approaching Billington

  1. Report and try to find independent witnesses! The more reports the better, was the van liveried, if so report to the company bosses.

  2. If anyone got the index number, or part index, make & colour of vehicle then whoever saw it write down account now and keep that as an original note. Depending on what actually happened police may have enough for either dangerous driving, without due care . sadly no real legislation for being a n##! Worth a try in any case but do so as soon as poss. Of course if anyone got a picture then better still.

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