Don’t try this at home kids!!!

So another year is underway and many of us face a low calorie and alcohol free January, but that means we also need to find ourselves a new cycling challenge or two! Will it be a wine tasting cycling marathon in Italy, a relay of Alps climbs or your first century ride?whatever it may be we can just say “Courage!”.

However in our search for new ideas we came across this one…










  • 1 x DHB blue bib shorts (XL!)
  • 2 x Sparkly red nipple tassels
  • 3 x sharp machetes (for juggling)
  • 1 x pair of oversized clown shoes
  • 1 oversized unicycle
  • one large amount of bravery/stupidity!

Yes it takes all kinds!!!!!

So on to the Sunday rides, thanks to Andy Beezer for a very interesting and in places challenging ride circumnavigating Aylesbury last week and yet again thanks to Dave Bembridge for sending in the following routes for tomorrow.

‘Mount the Bison’ a 29 mile route taking in Bison Hill for those not wishing to tackle Bison Hill here is a detoured route of 20 miles  cutting out Bison Hill and some other climbing

As always please feel free to send in your ideas for routes or at least give us an idea of where you would like to ride to next week!