Rides for Sunday


Having checked the weather forecast it seems safe to publish rides for tomorrow, for your amusement we have 2 rides planned

The Beezer Blast

Leaving the Rose and Crown at 0800 to take in nearly 71 miles of pretty flat West Bucks Countryside.  This route is likely to see an average speed of between 15-16mph and is being kindly led by Mr Beezer (veteran) himself Beezer’s Blast

The Bembridge Bump

Meeting, as usual, at 0950 outside the Rose and Crown, Dave has kindly offered to lead out one of his favourite, not too hilly routes 31 mile routes.  This route is aimed at being an average of 13 mph and is sure to return to the pub for some rehydration! Bembridge Bump.  We look forward to welcoming new friends from Essex!!

August 4th

Whilst several of us, including Mr & Mrs Hegs, Kate, John, Jose & Andrew will be heading to London to ride 104 miles into the Surrey Hills, raising monies for our various charities, we will as usual have local rides out for everyone else to enjoy.

August 11th

The Inaugural Rose and Crown Charity Cycle Ride raising monies for Cancer Research UK

In closing remember when leaving the Rose and Crown please try and stay on your bikes 🙂