Mid Week Rides – New Kit – Social with the Wheelers!

Vinghoe Velos complete more than 1100 miles last Sunday!

A great turnout again from the Vinghoe Velos last weekend with at least 5 people riding 101 miles ‘To the Horns’, another 5 riding 54 miles on the ‘Slapton Wheeler’, 8 people following Pete Thompson for 35 miles out to Winslow, one  ‘spotted’ taking on Box Hill on the 63 mile London Cyclo Sportive and of course Mary was out stretching her legs with friends also!  Thats at least 1100 miles ridden by Vinghoe Velos on Sunday alone!  Not forgetting 2 who ‘secretly’ went off and checked out and completed  the route ‘To the Horns’ the day before! (You know who you are!)


Tuesday 2nd June – Evening Road Ride.  Meeting at Pitstone Roundabout at 1900 an average 15 mph road ride of around 20 miles (not to onerous as lots of recovery from Sunday needed!)

Thursday 4th June – Off Road Ride.   Meeting at Pitstone Roundabout at 1930.  Off Road ride ‘good lights’ (“Brighter than the Sun!”) required

(Details of this weekends adventures will be posted later!)

Tuesday 9th June – Vinghoe Velos &  Slapton Wheelers Social.  After a highly enjoyable meet with the Slapton Wheelers 2 weeks ago at the Carpenters Arms, we are delighted that the compliment is to be returned next week.  Meeting at the Rose and Crown at 1900 we plan to do a 15 mph ride returning to the the Rose and Crown at or soon after 2000 to enjoy a drink or two and swap cycling tales with the Wheelers (and the Wheelettes!).  Everyone, who has one, is asked to where their Vinghoe Velos Jersey and all being well the first examples of our new kit will be available to view and sizing kits available for those wishing to order some for themselves.  More details on kit can be found here .  Even if you don’t plan to ride why not join us for a drink!  We also plan to try and raise some money for Action Medical Research details can be found here!

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