soukdee pbeemai!

Happy New Year

Not that the tea ride needs any excuse for cake!

Key components of pbeemai are:-

Water – thrown at anyone and everyone – 90% probablility of rain so that’s sorted

Animals – usually set free – most commonly fish, crabs, eels & tortoises – keep your eyes peeled for unusual slow moving obstructions

Flowers – well finally Spring is springing…

Beauty pageant – the usual Velos’ role call should take care of that

Music & Dance – traditional lumvong – circle dancing – we can watch our extra-circular wheels go round and invite the musical amongst us to do the accompanying. That should tick that one off.

Sand – bit more tricky, but in the absence of cake, tea riders have been known to partake of other food. We could always claim “sand-witch” got lost in translation…

Role call will be 10am at the Rose & Crown.
Come on.  You know you want to…

Laotian Pbeemai lasts form 13 – 15 April every year. The 13th is the last day of the old year, the 14th a “non-day” – neither old or new year, and 15th, the first day of the New Year.