Velos Ride for Sunday 24th March 2013

Bike covered in snow


It isn’t often that we admit defeat, but this weekend just might be a first for the hardy Vinghoe Velos. The conditions are not just horrible, they are positively nasty. Many of our members were planning on riding the Iain RennieĀ Chilterns Cycle Challenge but we note that is has now been postponed due to the bad weather conditions.

So it is with a heavy heart that we not going to put a ride out this week. If you are able to wear something that makes the cold, sleet and slush bearable, by all means turn up with your mountain bike at 10am tomorrow – if someone else is mad enough to join you then a ride over some bridleways might be in store. Alternatively, stick the fire on and snuggle up at home confident in the knowledge that at some point spring has to begin – apparently.

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