Velocipedestrination – Tea Ride Style

Tea Ride RulesWe’re a lovely little group
Who enjoy cake and soup
When we’re out on our ride
Whilst others are inside.

Come sunshine or rain
You can find us in a lane
En route to a cake shop
For a mid morning stop.

Best not to be too fast
Else you will whizz past
My friends and me
When we stop for cake and tea.

Not been on 2 wheels
For YEARS it feels?
Only rode a trike
And never a bike?

Or if you’re new to the game?
Don’t hang your head in shame
We welcome everyone
To come an join our fun.

Why don’t you come along
And join our throng?
Any old bike will do
And we always wait for you.

So come on down
To the Rose & Crown
We always meet by ten –
We’d love to see you then!

*Velocipedestrination – the art of cycling, derived from the old cycle term ‘velocipede’

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