Velos ride for Sunday 23rd December 2012 -Revision too route!

Firstly, many thanks to everyone who joined our Velos Christmas party on Friday evening. It was a FAB evening and once again the Rose & Crown did us proud delivering excellent food and refreshments.

Looks like the roads will be a bit wet and the wind will be blowing a gale for tomorrow’s ride – but the good news is that it will be warm for this time of year and we probably won’t actually be rained on (which is more than can be said for the Tea Ride this morning who braved positively monsoon conditions).

Given the time of year, we will be encouraging members to do something Christmasy for this ride. That might range from a bit of tinsel on the handlebars to a full on Rudolph outfit. Points will be awarded for effort and execution. We gather from 9:50am at the Rose & Crown.

The Route



Ride safely.