A familiar cry across our land during the summer months as cricket and tennis matches wait until christmas to be concluded. If you’ve just come back from a fortnights holiday you’ll recall that just before you left someone announced a drought, and you’ll have now returned to flood warnings. So if you drive a canoe to work each day I think you’re gonna be ok.

Of course here at the Velos “rain stopped play” is an unfamiliar concept. It has been noted that generally speaking we have mananged to ensure that the weather remains dry for 3 hours every sunday morning, and that the heavens only open as we step in the doorway of the Rose and Crown. There have however been some occasions when it has not been possible to make arrangements with the met office for good weather. Fortunately our natural physique and pace allows allows us to cope better than those other mortals lower down the food chain.

As any avid formula 1 fan will know aerodynamics play a significant part in any teams’ success. The ability to move air efficiently around the vehicle and to harness its natural force for better grip is key. You will also have observed that there are no windscreen wipers or roofs on these cars, and you may be wondering how they manage to stay dry in a deluge? Well management of the airflow around the cockpit deflects the rain away from them. It is similarly so for the Fatlete. Our natural shape and pace causes significant turbulance such that any rain is deflected away. Should the rain fall a little too quick all we need to do is close up the pack and increase the turbulance.

So no excuses, we meet as usual at the Rose and Crown Velodrome 9.45 for a 10.00 kick off. Sorry pedal off.

Here’s the route