A strange expression and one that is seldom heard in the modern interweb age. But recently I heard this and unfortunately for you people out there waiting for a nice little piece on cycling, yet again I am going to disappoint you. Today I am going to consider this little ancient phrase, and add a little colour to both the literal and metaphorical understanding. At least this week’s title will have some significance to the content.

So first to the literal meaning and what better way to start than with those icons of comedy Morecambe and Wise, who for years on end entertained us weekly with a clever mix of wit and music. Eric a true genius, who delivered comic lines with the timing of an atomic clock and could cause fits of laughter with a mere raising of his spectacles. Of course genius is close to madness, and in this regard Eric was an avid Luton Town follower. The other bloke was called Ernie. Who can forget where they spent most of their time? Yes in the same bed wearing colourful pyjamas in front of an audience and several television cameras, and as far as we are aware neither of them were gay. Strange bedfellows indeed!

Of course it is not only on English shores where you will find such odd behaviour. A short hop across the channel will take you to our French friends and more specifically to the presidents’ wife. A lady that is beautiful, a talented songstress we are led to believe, and one who previously dated rock stars. But let us move to her current spouse, the vertically challenged, xenophobic, crystal making soon to be ousted French leader. Whilst I can see where the poor chap might rest his head its difficult to see how these two became one.

Enough of the literal meaning I shall now move on to the more lateral. Where better to start than a sport close to our hearts, cycling. As the Vinghoe Velo fatletes well understand this is probably the most physically demanding of all the modern sports, where stamina and physique combine to produce the ultimate in human achievement. Years of training and diet go into preparing these athletes and you would be hard pressed to find one in a public house. For the Vinghoe Velos our home is the Rose and Crown, where many of our 72 members will be seen regularly. Strange Bedfellows? I think not, for as much as the modern cyclist is a product of his/her environment, so too is the vinghoe velo fatlete, who will have spent many years developing their physique close to a bar.

This brings me neatly to the Rose and Crown, whose stewardship has recently passed from Alistair to a couple of local friends. So who are the new landlords? Well one is a witty articulate keen cyclist that lives merely a few doors from the establishment. He is a man renowned for his wisdom and foresight, his sound practical understanding of science, and his cultured appreciation of the classic arts. The other one is Kirk.

 Now I am sure that some may be wondering how I can take an active role in both the leadership of the Vinghoe Velos and our favourite village pub without any conflicts arising. Well I would like to reassure you all that I shall continue to dedicate my time to both tasks equally and impartially. So this week I have drafted a special route that I know you will enjoy. Apologies if there a few extra hills and miles, but a least you’ll come back thirsty.

Long Route