Hola Velos!

The Velos tours continue with an International visit to Cuba where we checked out new bikes and accessories for everyone

Cuban Unicycle
Relaxed cycling better than a Tandem!
The all new 'Schimano' Brake Pedal

So KITT is out of the bag and Jose and Andrew have to get miles in on their super new steeds as they get into training for London to Paris next year so tomorrow’s ride is just

30 miles

for those looking for less

20 miles


Other News:

Following the success of the Velos at the Wiggle Rut, rumours are rife of several people looking to enter the Wiggle Wild Edric  on Saturday 29th October featuring 59 miles that take you gently to the top of the most rewarding hills with some breathtaking views over Shropshire and Wales with safe sweeping descents to enjoy  for further details speak to John Hegarty

As previously reported Jose and Andrew have now signed up for London to Paris next year, hoping to see Cav again cross the line first on the Champs Elysees.  If anyone is interested in joining us we have entered the Vinghoe Velos team name and propose doing fund raising as a team effort to assist all in achieving the minimum amount.  Alistair has kindly already agreed to us doing a number of fund raising events in the R&C so watch out for further news of these!

To finish off the Cuban adventure

Outside the Bar!
Too much in the bar?

Be safe out there!