Firstly may I apologise to those of you that may have been confused by last nights post. I understand that many of you remain fans of the television series the Dukes of Hazard, and that as a consequence you were wondering why my post was addressed to Boss Hoggs’ dog,,,,,,,,Flash. Please let me re-assure that last nights post at 7.00pm was the news at 10.

And now at 8.45 on a Saturday evening I bring you breakfast news, without Fiona Bruce. Is she ever on Breakfast News? So what news do I bring you, well as promised the usual Sunday rides commencing at 3.00am.

So for those of you seeking a long route, this is the one to go for:

Long Route

For those of you looking for a shorter one can I suggest 16in wheels and adjustments to your saddle? No, okay try this………

Short Route

For those of you that may be further confused by tonights news I am sorry, but I make no apologies. Should you be concerned that I may be on Crack, Herion, Acid, Speed, Ecstacy I would like to confirm this is not the case. This is just a cheap attempt to get more hits on the website.

Enjoy your cream teas and I shall see you on Wednesday.