Whilst Barbados struggles under 15feet of snow, here in the uk temperatures remain at a lofty 25 degrees. Over the past few weeks we seemed to have conquered the mighty Hastoe at almost every opportuntiy, despite the soaring temperatures. It cannot be long before the Olympic committee comes knocking on the door, looking for the fine athletes among us. Our Intense training and diet schedule is now paying dividends and we remain true to our principles. Remember at all costs avoid the Ovaltine.

And so to this weeks news, and firstly the Saturday Jolly Jaunts run by Dave Bembridge, and Sally Beezer. For those of you new to us, these rides which take place every other Saturday are a leisurely ride of around 7 miles and offer a great introduction to those who’ve been away or just fancing something a liitle gentle. However, by popular request, these are now going to take place at 2.00pm.

And now onto Sundays ride. Well here’s the good news, Hastoe Hill is not on the route, and Dave (Hill) Howe has not created it. So at long last a route with almost no climbs and lots of descents. That’s probably a bit of lie, but this route should be a little easier. When taking a look at the route you will notice that it flips back on itself a couple of times, so if your plotting it on a gadgety thingame bob watch out.

So here it is.

28 November 2010 Ride