Rides for 26 September 2010

Welcome to this weeks rides, as usual there are two on offer starting from the Rose and Crown. Our first ride can only be compared to the three peaks challenge, except that there is no walking, or transport arranged between peaks. Oh, and there might be more or less than 3 peaks, and they won’t be so high. Otherwise the long ride is very similar. This route exhilerates for almost 24 miles leaving, little time to appreciate the wild flowers at the side of the road. Surely another challenge too far for Jack!

And now for the short ride, aka the twin peaks challenge, again remarkably not similar to anything by a similar name. This route meanders for a gentle 13 miles, through some of the most dramatic and breathtaking British countryside. Be sure to take it gently so as not to miss anything!

As ever fabulous weather has been arranged. Please take a look at our new local forecast. And on our return, the Rose and Crown is pleased to announce the addition of Bacon Rolls to its menu. Remember this is valuable source of carbs and should be consumed in the “golden hour”. 

And one more matter before you all nod off reading this dribble, don’t forget to let Dave know if you will be attending any of the visiting mechanic sessions, so that numbers can be concluded.