Humpty Trumpty…

wanted a wall.
Humpty Trumpty wanted it tall.
Now Emily Kaufman has created her own
And behind it Trumpty news will be thrown.

Fed up of hearing his nonsense each day?
To avoid the man, there now is a way.
Download the filter – it’s free for you
Block out Trump & improve your view.

This is a wall we may all want to build.
To remove the Trump may leave us thrilled.
Sadly this is just an online tool
And still, in the real world, we are stuck with the fool.

You are, of course, entitled to your own political view but given free speech and the lack of other information filtering through to my little brain this week, you are also entitled to my opinion.

The only other useful information I have to impart at this times that the Tea Ride will be departing the Rose & Crown, Ivinghoe at 10am.  As fast as the slowest rider.  Those wishing to cycle at 10-12 mph, please form a separate group.