A Bit of Mark Ronson for the Weekend…. & Christmas Party Info!

I run around town
Around around and round
The pedal to the metal
The pedal to whatever

Shooting round the streaky bends
I hear a conversation in my head
Thinking of a place to be
I sing a little melody instead
I won’t argue with myself
Today my legs are getting some help

Gonna ride my bike until I get home
Gonna ride my bike until I get home

I can understand it
But I can’t really stand em
Girls love cars
Cars cause harm to the planet
Don’t you want to
You take a joyride on my tandem
Hubby on a huffy
Don’t I look so handsome

Bikes suffice
They so nice like priceless
Working on my calves
Triceps and biceps
Bypass the gas
Stopped at traffic lights
I get around town
Without a drivers license
Hello, (Hi) you walking?
(No) Farewell, (oh) I’m off then
And I’m whipping through the city
With a 40 and a 50
Party popping on my wheely

Gonna ride my bike until I get home
Gonna ride my bike until I get home

It’s called “The Bike Song”…. and you can hear it here – if you’re that interested!!

Just some random bike things to warm you up for the Saturday Tea Ride 🙂  We will be leaving the Rose & Crown at 10am, every week, regardless of the weather.  Bring a bike and clothing to suit.  As fast as the slowest rider……


The votes are in and the location survey is now closed. Over 75% voted for a hot, fork buffet meal in the Rose & Crown and it is the location availability that has dictated the date.
However, we now need your input on choosing the menu for the night so… another little survey for you….

£15 per person; partners welcome.
Sally Beezer & Elke Hegarty will be collecting bookings & money.
Please let them know if you have any dietary requirements so that these can be catered for……