Wear it Pink & Blue… and GHD too…

So those new to the Tea Ride posts may have established that the weekly email is either full of useless information or succinctly advises what time & where the Tea Ride is on a Saturday.  Either way, the Tea Ride is a learning experience.  If you don’t learn something new from the post, you’ll learn something on the day – be it you need some help with or a recommendation for something or you get to know your fellow cyclists a little better.

This week, it’a another public information service email.  This one is dear to me so I’m taking advantage & sending lots of love to a precious friend & her Dragonflies.  October 15th is Pregnancy & Infant Loss Remembrance Day.  So wear it pink or blue…

And – especially as we will be stopping for tea and cake – it’s GHD. (Not the straighteners!)
Global Handwashing Day. A campaign to motivate and mobilise people into changing their dirty habits. (No nun wisecracks thank you)

So not only will we motivate & mobilise the soap and water on hands situation, the Tea Ride will motivate & mobilise the rest of you – out of the chair and onto the saddle!  It’s only a few miles with lots of chatter and laughs, tea, cake – and you get to sit down the WHOLE time!!

Ready to leave the Rose & Crown at 10am please 🙂