GOMAW Tour Series and Biggles Get-Together

GOMAW Tour Series

The GOMAW (Grumpy Old Men & Women) tour series continues on Friday in the absence of Mr B with a trip through the grounds of Gorhambury House near St Albans and lunch at the Italian Cafe in Chesham that we visited a few rides ago.

GOMAW route

Meet at 10am at Pitstone roundabout on Friday 28th Feb.


David Lewis from the Slapton Wheelers is celebrating his 55th birthday with a ride out on Sunday and some of the ‘vinghoe Velos are planning to join him. Here is his email….

I said I’d be in touch nearer the time…

And thanks for the very positive response.

Having checked the long-range weather forecast for Sunday I think it is worth going ahead. If the weather turns bad then rules 5 and 9 apply!

As I mentioned before I see this as an opportunity for us to meet up and ride in small groups with friends and people we know through Strava and to have a few drinks in our ‘Clubhouse’ (The Carpenters Arms) afterwards.

And of course to commiserate with me for being another year older!

I am going to warn the landlord (Elliott) and ask him to put on some chips. Our very good friends at Ivinghoe Velos have been over to the ‘Carpenters’ before and I am hoping for a good turnout from them (Andys and John please pass this on).

It is not a race! (I can’t believe I am saying that) – although I expect a few characters will have a go at some ‘segments’ en route – rather an opportunity to chat and get to know one another better.

Who knows, in the future this may become Slapton Wheelers’ very own ‘Reliability Ride’ as a compliment to our existing summer sportive ‘The Slapton Wheeler’ – I hope so.

There are 2 routes on offer – a 55 miler and a half-distance (it is actually 29 miles). I will be on the 55 miler (naturally) but there is no shame in opting for the shorter distance.

Both routes are attached to this email an can be viewed in Garmin Connect. If you need the .gpx files for your gps let me know.

I suggest the 55 mile group starts at 0830hrs and the other group at 0930hrs roughly allowing 3:30hrs (@16mph) and 2:30hrs (@12mph) respectively and a combined eta at the pub of approximately midday.

With a bit of luck the two groups might meet up as they follow the same route towards the end.

If you are a visitor please make yourself known to me and/or any of the Slapton Wheelers/Wheelettes; They are a very friendly bunch and not at all precious as can be noted by some of the ridiculous ‘nicknames’ on the back of their shirts.

Looking forward to seeing you all.

PS As previously stated feel free to bring along a friend/club member and if you can spot that I have left anyone out of the ‘addressees’ please feel free to forward it on.

PPS For those of you who want to drive to Slapton, there should be enough parking in the pub car park at that time on a Sunday morning


David (aka ‘Biggles’)

The GPX files for David’s rides can be found:

Here for the half distance


Here for the full 55

The routes are also available on Garmin Connect:

Half Distance


Full Distance