Go West!

Come on, come on, come on, come on….

Together – We will go our way
Together – We will leave someday
Together – Your hand in my hand
Together – We will make our plans
Together – We will fly so high
Together – Tell all our friends good-bye
Together – We will start life new
Together – This is what we’ll do

Go West! Life is peaceful there
Go West! In the open air
Go West! Where the skies are blue
Go West! This is what we’re gonna do

Go West! This is what we’re gonna do, Go West!

On 9 November 1989, East Germany opened it’s checkpoints in the Berlin Wall and allowed it’s citizens to “Go West”.

Can’t promise there won’t be any north, south or east as well – the scenery is great in all directions!  I can guarantee however, that we will start, at 10am, at the Rose & Crown, in the west end of Ivinghoe.  We will therefore, in the spirit of this post and in the interests of history “Go West” on our return to the pub after our ride.

The Tea Ride.  A good source of your weekly (moral) fibre, history (local & otherwise), nutrition (tea & cake) and general twaddle.

(Lyrics courtesy of The Pet Shop Boys – thanks chaps!)

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